Streamer Requirements

Requirements for the Streamer Rank

Contact persons:

The contact person in the promotion is LucasLehrling. He will process your applications and answer your questions in this area.

Tasks as a Streamer:

As a Streamer you have the task to promote the server. Furthermore you should have a relatively active content on InTrouble. Furthermore you are a certain role model person which is why you should follow the rules.


  • You need at least 10 viewers on average.
  • You need to have a stream of InTrouble online within the last month.
  • You must not be banned or muted.
  • You must upload a Stream to InTrouble every month.

Our requirements for your application:

  • Your application should include your channel link and stream from InTrouble.
  • In addition, we would appreciate some information about your channel and about you.

We need the following items for a complete application:

  • Your channel Link
  • Your Stream from InTrouble.
  • A small application text.

Every applicant will receive a response from us no matter if rejected or accepted.


If the requirements for your channel match with ours, you will receive the Premium+/YouTuber rank for 100 days within the next 14 hours.
If you have received the rank you are officially a streamer with us


If your application is rejected you will have a 3 week application block. If you resist this will be extended or can lead to an exclusion.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask them in the Ticket Support on our Discord.

With kind regards - Promotion-Management